Wednesday, 29 April 2015

IT Summit 2015

I had the great pleasure of being a committee member and presenter at IT Summit 2015. The following is a repost from Joanna Saunders. We appreciate her live blogging of our final Ignite session.

IT Summit 2015 Ignite Session
Rules of the presentation: Each speaker gets 15 slides shown for 15 seconds each on an automatic rotation for a total of five minutes of fame to share the newest, latest and greatest technology in this fast paced event.

Presenters: Vicki Davis, Jim Swan, Dean Shareski, Carlene Walter
Ideas shared during the session:

Dean's message: Creativity
  • Bad selfies and silly pictures = creativity come from being silly 
  • We live in a remix culture where we play with images to make powerful products 
  • Creativity can make us create powerful things such as posting where earthquakes happen on Twitter. 
  • Teachers work with scraps that others would throw out and then work with students to create something beautiful
  • "Adults need to have fun so that children will want to grow up."

Carlene's message: Digital Fluency - our students need a toolkit to help them work and play

 Formative Assessment

Jim's Message: 10 year report card on technology
  • Piloting social media 
  • Teachers are important and they just use the tech to teach 
  • Why isn't every day Friday? 
  • How do we personalize learning? 
  •  Using tech to re-watch a lesson 
  • Students want to direct their own learning 
  • The new tech alphabet 
  • Learning needs to be = personalized, learner-driven, applied, cost-effective 

Vicky's Message: Choose Your Habits, Change Your Life
  •  40% don't change habit 
  • Choose your habits
  •  Manage your time and how you spend it 
  • How will you spend your habits? 
  • Most people don't know what their ideal work looks like 
  • Create launch routines - 30-30 app to help make important things happen routinely
  • Miracle Morning Pavers - start my day right 
  • Mud Puddle Principle - can share your habits 
  • Habit Stacking - add a habit that you already have 
  • 20 second rule - more likely to do it 
  • Keep calms and make your bed 
  • Every 90 minutes you need to move 
  • What you do during your break - take a mental break 
  • Set alarms - a personal attitude check twice a day 
  • Exercise - every little bit helps
  • Joy Journal - you will be happier if you write down every day something you are joyful about
  • Signature Strength - you will be happier if you use it every day 
  • Reading/learning Habit - read in the field that you want to be the best at 
  • Get Rid of Gossip - makes you poor and makes you worse
  •  Watch less TV 
  • You don't accidentally climb Mt. Everest - you choose to

Monday, 27 April 2015

Classroom Blog

I am so pleased to showcase my grade three students' learning on our classroom blog. View our technology projects at Eclectech Educator.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

SSLA Digital Badges - Style Segment

Digital badges are the essential accessory for today’s educators. Digital badges are stylish necessities, but these statement pieces are more than an opportunity to embellish and decorate. The digital badges signal style through its representation of knowledge of new apps and services and its statements of how to incorporate into teaching and learning. 

The Saskatchewan School Library Association is your essential style guide. Join SSLA’s Digital Badges professional development opportunity today. Become a member and you will have access to up-to-the minute technologies and instructional ideas. It’s simple – choose the technology you are interested in, complete simple tasks in your own time frame, and be rewarded with a digital badge. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Getting Started In The Profession

I was honoured to present to more than 150 beginning teachers today. The presentation shares ten essential web based technologies or apps for the classroom.