Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Teacher-Librarian PD Opportunity

Donna DesRoches, a very creative person who is the Learning Resources Consultant for Living Sky School Division, and I met over the summer to discuss - what do teacher-libratians need to know, believe, and be able to do in order to effectively integrate technology into their professional practices. Responses to this question lie at the intersection of knowledge about pedagogy, meaningful learning, professional development opportunities, and the management of technology.

As the conversation ensued, the outline of a professional development opportunity for teacher-librarians was formulated. Dressed in a glitzy theme of Hollywood and beginning with a cultivation of literacy, we anchored the professional development in inquiry, conversation, and collaboration of Web 2.0 tools and how they can be used to facilitate and enhance the roles of the teacher-librarian as manager, teacher and instructional leader.

Meet The Stars debuted on the SSLA wiki. We were overwhelmed with registrations. Intending to cap the participant limit at 20, we finally closed it at 36 and to date have received over 80 registration requests.


Dean Shareski said...

Way to go Carlene for help leading the charge of TL's. Found your link via Vicki Davis..(Weird you have to go to Georgia to find someone from Saskatchewan). I commend your efforts. I had a great visit this summer with Joyce Valenza and she once again, inspired me in terms of the value of librarians...not that I didn't think they were important but really enjoyed her perspectives.

Carlene Walter said...

Hello Dean!

Thank you for your comment. I was so jealous when I read your blog regarding meeting my idol Joyce. We have asked her to present at SSLA. I hope she can come.