Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Morning Perks

Need a jolt in the morning? Pending funding, I am considering opening a cafe in the school library to entice parents and students to read together. Doug Johnson, in his Blue Skunk Blog, highlights responses from other media specialists who have introduced library coffee shops.

Not intending to replicate Barnes and Noble, the coffee house is an innovative solution to an existing problem - cultivating time to foster community ties when I am a commuting teacher-librarian. As students' needs shape the programs and services available through the school library media center, the morning offer of a "leisurely atmosphere, warm aromatic drinks, prominently displayed books and other materials by genre", and the snuggle of a loving parent may engender a passion for reading.

As I picked up my daily dose of caffeine this morning, the barista valiantly tried to sell a particular CD. Could the offer of books be far behind?

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