Saturday, 26 April 2008

Quill and Swill Book Talk


Donna said...

What a great idea for book reviews/book talks! You mentioned some of my favourite books, The Book Thief and Shabanu.

I tried to comment directly on the VT but it must be private because I could not get the record button.

I like to see teacher-librarians working the very tools that they want other teachers and their students to use - modeling is so important!


Carlene Walter said...


I did choose public - so everyone could view it, but I also chose "Allow No Comments". Why? At the time, I thought they could comment via posts on my blog, but it would be more interesting toallow comments directly on the VT. I have changed the options to allow each page of the Book Talk VoiceThread to allow comments.

Carlene Walter said...


I have signed up for Ed.VoiceThread (
It is a Web-based communications network for K-12 students and educators. Students are able to have their own accounts that are completely transparent to educators. And it is FREE!