Thursday, 2 October 2008

K12 Video Teaser

As the pace of technology change accelerates, many teacher-librarians risk being overwhelmed to meet the needs of 21st Century learners. Donna DesRoches and I, collectively known as the Disruptive Innovators, are presenting a session at the K12 Online Conference in which we describe emerging technologies and outline its potential in today's school library environment. Donna and I, in our learning opportunity Meet The Stars, encouraged teacher-librarians to go beyond the stacks to encompass "Web 2.0" tools in order to create a robust library program that engenders the love of reading and information fluency. This video clip is a (poor) glimpse of our upcoming presentation.


Anonymous said...


Did you submit this to Sheryl? I don't see it in the K12 cue.

If it isn't send me the embed code and we'll add it.

Carlene Walter said...

Hello Dean,

I did not submit the teaser video to Sheryl. The video appears amateurish and proves I need practice in the editing department.

I would welcome your feedback.