Sunday, 8 February 2009

Couples, Courtship, Cooing and Cuddling

February, a month devoted to love, is an invitation to explore the genre of teen romance. The light-hearted, often fluffy, novels depict the bumpy path of true love. Granted the genre tugs at your heartstrings rather than the brain, romantic relationship between two people and how they overcome obstacles to come together still deserve a place among the weightier novels. As anyone who teaches or has a teenager in the house can attribute, teens are preoccupied with crushes, flirting, infatuation, and all its angst.

From classic young adult love stories to modern fairy tale romances, from laugh-out-loud funny to vampire blood-lust, there is a love story for every teen reader. Donna Freitas, in an article with the School Library Journal, provides a Shameless Guide to Sweet, Sexy Romance Novels for Teens and Tweens. My article submitted to the Saskatchewan School Library Association, Library Lovers, details methods for school libraries to share the love.

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