Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Transforming School Libraries Online Conference

Donna DesRoches just sent me this link - A week in the Life of a 'New Media' Teacher Librarian.. The author, Judy O'Connell, details the "To Do" tasks of a socially networked teacher-librarian.

FYI - Judy will be part of this week's Transforming School Libraries online conference. The professional development event is facilitated by Information Literacy guru James Henri and Sandra Lee, a librarian with multi-library experience.

The list of international presenters is available at Sosius, an online groupwork system, will be used to provide space for presentations, and asynchronous discussions about the various topics.

Cost is $70 for individual registration. Groups of more than 10 people can register for $60 each.

I look forward to the conference and moderating Arlene Lipkewich's presentation: Hardware, Software and "Webware": Technologies for Learning. How can they be used in teacher and student learning?

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