Wednesday, 29 April 2015

IT Summit 2015

I had the great pleasure of being a committee member and presenter at IT Summit 2015. The following is a repost from Joanna Saunders. We appreciate her live blogging of our final Ignite session.

IT Summit 2015 Ignite Session
Rules of the presentation: Each speaker gets 15 slides shown for 15 seconds each on an automatic rotation for a total of five minutes of fame to share the newest, latest and greatest technology in this fast paced event.

Presenters: Vicki Davis, Jim Swan, Dean Shareski, Carlene Walter
Ideas shared during the session:

Dean's message: Creativity
  • Bad selfies and silly pictures = creativity come from being silly 
  • We live in a remix culture where we play with images to make powerful products 
  • Creativity can make us create powerful things such as posting where earthquakes happen on Twitter. 
  • Teachers work with scraps that others would throw out and then work with students to create something beautiful
  • "Adults need to have fun so that children will want to grow up."

Carlene's message: Digital Fluency - our students need a toolkit to help them work and play

 Formative Assessment

Jim's Message: 10 year report card on technology
  • Piloting social media 
  • Teachers are important and they just use the tech to teach 
  • Why isn't every day Friday? 
  • How do we personalize learning? 
  •  Using tech to re-watch a lesson 
  • Students want to direct their own learning 
  • The new tech alphabet 
  • Learning needs to be = personalized, learner-driven, applied, cost-effective 

Vicky's Message: Choose Your Habits, Change Your Life
  •  40% don't change habit 
  • Choose your habits
  •  Manage your time and how you spend it 
  • How will you spend your habits? 
  • Most people don't know what their ideal work looks like 
  • Create launch routines - 30-30 app to help make important things happen routinely
  • Miracle Morning Pavers - start my day right 
  • Mud Puddle Principle - can share your habits 
  • Habit Stacking - add a habit that you already have 
  • 20 second rule - more likely to do it 
  • Keep calms and make your bed 
  • Every 90 minutes you need to move 
  • What you do during your break - take a mental break 
  • Set alarms - a personal attitude check twice a day 
  • Exercise - every little bit helps
  • Joy Journal - you will be happier if you write down every day something you are joyful about
  • Signature Strength - you will be happier if you use it every day 
  • Reading/learning Habit - read in the field that you want to be the best at 
  • Get Rid of Gossip - makes you poor and makes you worse
  •  Watch less TV 
  • You don't accidentally climb Mt. Everest - you choose to

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