Monday, 10 March 2008

Google Vs Zoho

I have been experimenting with two desktop applications - Google Apps and Zoho's Office Suite. Business-oriented Zoho and the consumer-oriented Google applications offer many of same services.
As I am a fan of many of the Google apps, including Gmail, Google Notebook, Google Calendar, I was confident that I would like Google Docs. As a user of Writely, I was overjoyed when the horrible green interface disappeared when it was purchased by Google and folded along with Google Spreadsheets into Google Docs & Spreadsheets. However, importing documents from Word Processing software results in a formatting nightmare!
Zoho maintains formatting in imported documents, making it a preferable choice.
However, I am willing to try Springnote.

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Dean Shareski said...

I generally use Google but Zoho makes embedding multimedia easier and I've also used Zoho Creator to create a registration form. I guess Google Docs now creates forms but haven't used it yet....still testing