Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Book Trailers

Seen any good books lately? To pique the interest of my school library patrons, the students and I create shelf talkers and book trailers —also known as a book videos, book teasers, or book presenters. The book trailers communicate distinct and unique interpretations of text to a global audience and allow students to view a peer's review, rather than a teacher summary, of an exciting read.

We have been creating book trailers for a few years using Photostory,Toufee, and Voice Thread. Their popularity is evident as the students are finding that more videos are now available. UCF Digital Booktalk provides a written paragraph of the book with a Quicktime video about the book. A VoiceThread created by third graders about a traditional Japanese craft illustrates that varied uses of digital storytelling. Most appropriate for middle years and high school. For teacher-librarians, check out Nancy Keane’s Booktalks gone podcast!

The students and I will be trying a new (to-us) Web tool Glogster, which lets us create an online poster complete with images, sound, video clips, text, and hyperlinks.

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COS Productions said...

This is so cool!

"Seen any good books lately?" is our company tag line!
I've been making book trailers since 2001 when there was no market for them. But, we had enough people willing to give it a try and pretty soon we were a full fledged book trailer production company.

I just read in an educators magazine that a lot of teachers are using book trailers to encourage kids to read and to teach them to enjoy books. I think this is such a great approach!

It's people like you who take the time to be innovative that help build kids self esteem and help them to learn to love reading!

Cheers to you!