Saturday, 25 October 2008


"Listening to hear, not listening to speak" - a phrase that resonated during the Cognitive CoachingSM session I recently attended. The axiom resurfaced during Arthur Slade's keynote speech at the Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Awards' Willows Awards Fundraiser.

Words are powerful - they can bring one to tears, cause intense reflection, infuriate, evoke passion, and stimulate the imagination.
Words - they are the window to a person's thinking and the vocalization of one's behaviour.

Are we listening? Do we really listen to the evocative words of an author and delight in the way their writing embarks the reader on a journey?
Do we really listen to the words of a speaker, be it a colleague, friend, or child?
Do we listen to hear what they are trying to communicate by giving the speaker our undivided attention, providing sufficient wait time, and paraphrase their words in a way to invite the development of deeper meaning?

The video featuring Arthur Slade echoed at the Willow Award Fundraiser illustrates the magic of words and their ability to transport us to discovered places and emotions.

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