Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cool Tools Triad

The following is a list of "cool tools" presented at the IT Summit by Alec Couros, Dean Shareski, and Hall Davidson:
  1. Camstudio - screen capture video
  2. Tineye - A reverse search engine; ideal for finding attribution of images
  3. Class Tools - Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams. Dean Shareski demonstrated the random name generator.
  4. WiTopia - While not free, this tool is a lifesaver when you need access to a denied or filtered site. For example, Google music is not available in Canada, but WiTopia allows the user to choose a location that is within the accepted geographic area. WiTopia's greatest strength is its ability to provide powerful data security when using free public Wi-Fi. For those who prefer not to pay.
  5. HotSpot Shield is a free equivalent to WiTopia.
  6. Google Search Stories
  7. Mobile YouTube Uploads
  8. Filmonthefly.org - a mobile phone video challenge
  9. Squared5 - free video converter, player, editor. Great for exporting videos and converting video formats
  10. DropMocks - Online creation and sharing of image galleries - just drag'n drop
  11. Minus - Share photos, documents, videos and files online
  12. Google Body Works - Explore the human body just like exploring the world in Google Earth.Functions only in Chrome and Firefox 4
  13. Storify - Make stories using social media. Stream or use tags to timeline a story
  14. Blabberize - Make images talk!
  15. Let Me Google That For You - Creates a video of how to use Google as a search engine. The video is to be sent to someone who asks you a question that could easily by found on Google
  16. synchtube - Create rooms where groups can watch synchronized videos!
  17. Stumbleupon - Finds the best web video, recommended just for you. State your interests- other community members will share taga
  18. Crocodoc - Upload a document and then mark it up; highlight text and add comments. Groups can be created to annotate documents
  19. Aviary - Free online photo editor
Joanna Bobiash presents a more thorough list.

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