Tuesday, 10 May 2011

IT Summit Reflections

These are uncertain times for educators in Saskatchewan. We are asking for stakeholders to value our contributions to teaching. IT Summit keynote speakers, Dean Shareski and Dr. Michael Wesch, ask us to value our students.

Neil Postman asked us to consider, why in a world punctuated by media, we have conversations marked with incompetence, irrelevance, and interruptions, in which we plan to do nothing to remedy the social situation. Why are many of students disengaged and fragmented?

Dr. Wesch spoke of the occurrence of a cultural inversion. We value community, but express interdependence. We value relationships, but express individuality. We value authenticity, but express superficiality.

However, there is something in the air. Literally, there is. Technological usage fosters the creation and publication of digital artifacts and varied communication formats. But it is deeper than that. Technology affords deeper connections, collegiality, and collaboration. It allows opportunities to students to engage and participate in the learning.

How do we change the message? How do we get to the deeper phases of knowing? How do we ignite passion? Let's get real, relevant, and harness synergistic collaboration. It is then that we value students.

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