Sunday, 30 March 2008

Teacher-Librarians Hurt By Minstry's Cuts

To my astonishment, the Instructional Resources Branch of the Ministry of Saskatchewan Education has just been eliminated. As school libraries fall under the purview of this department, concerns arise as to the future of school library programs in the province.

Teacher-librarians are best positioned to help students become information managers in the 21st century. Ken Haycock, Joyce Valenza, and Doug Johnson provide ample evidence of the impact of teacher-librarians on improving student achievement. Why, then, are there ongoing problems of support?


Dean Shareski said...

Seems ironic as the new Connections report was just released once again encouraging Boards to focus on Teacher-Librarians. I suppose the two are unrelated but interesting timing anyway.

Donna said...

Amazing! Especially with the release of the new guidelines. Where is the support going to come from? Surely school libraries will remain in picture somewhere - with someone directly responsible for them? I can't believe that we would go completely backwards!

Carlene Walter said...

The Saskatchewan School Library Association has contacted the STF regarding this matter.

The Connections report will be just a piece of paper without implementation support from the province.